Is your farm a Weather Ready Farm?

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Weather Ready Farms Program Overview

Nebraska Extension's Weather Ready Farms designation program is designed to improve or increase resilience towards the impacts of extreme weather on Nebraska’s farms. This program recognizes and rewards Nebraska farmers who prioritize weather readiness and are committed to reducing the impact of extreme weather events on their farms.

About the Program

Our Weather Ready Farms designation program is a one- or two-year program. The length of the program is dependent on a participant’s previous and current experience implementing crop management practices related to extreme weather and climate variation. 

The program is delivered locally or regionally, with local or regional Extension professionals coordinating the program and communicating with participants. Participants apply to the program by completing and submitting a self-assessment, which serves as a part of the application. Throughout the designation program experience, participants will learn through in-person and online teachings methods.

At this time, there is only one category in which farmers can receive designation: Crop Production. More categories will be added in the future.

Step 1 - Complete a Self-Assessment
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Participants complete and submit a self-assessment to determine areas of vulnerabilities on the farm. The self-asssessment is collaboratively reviewed by the participant, Nebraska Extension professionals, and Extension partners. 

Online Assessment Form

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Step 2 -Participate in Education
Farmers attend an Extension program.

Participants attend or participate in a variety of Nebraska Extension programs and partner events, where they learn about new research and ways to implement management strategies on the farm. In the Crop Production category, participants learn about topics like climate literacy; management of soil, water, pests, and crops; and disaster and emergency planning and preparedness.

Step 3 - Have Management Strategies Verified
Corn field next to wheat field.

Participants prioritize areas on the farm where they can implement new management strategies, and these practices are verified by a third-party provider.

Step 4 - Achieve Designation Status
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Participants who have completed Steps 1-3 receive the Weather Ready Farms designation status, and we recognize their accomplishments.

Is your farm a Weather Ready Farm? The first step is to complete the self-assessment, either online or download a pdf version.

To participate, learn more, or for questions, contact Ashley Mueller, Extension Educator and Disaster Education Coordinator, at